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Your "Ah Ha" Moment

Most people don't notice how dirty their carpets have become. Subtle color change and softness is difficult to catch over years of use. We'd advise having your carpets cleaned at least twice a year, and more if you have children or multiple roommates. We believe a clean carpet changes everything and after one step you will believe it too.

You might even say, "Ah ha."

Grout is hard to clean but we're here for your tile roots. Along with a high-pressure tile wash, our safe and professional chemical cleaner will get your grout back to its original glory.

We'll have to use a bit of elbow-grease but don't worry, it comes off.

I Am Grout

Don't Sit Or Stay, Go Away

Unsightly love seat stains and odors really hamper the love part, so if your upholstery needs some TLC, don't go chasing waterfalls. Our upholstery wands are specifically designed for the curves of your couch.

We'll give you an easy lazy-day-excuse to binge watch and play games.